The Gods favor us!

It was on the very first day our new guests arrived, i had this feeling something cool is gonna happen. A breeze of smiles and hapiness surrounded us from the first welcome hug and soon we became a team. One needs to work years in this field and experience lots of negativity to understand how important it is for your soul to meet nice normal people. Tommy, Otti, Kristine, Vasilis, Joe, Silke, Alex, Olivier, Nicole, Johan (can’t name you all!)  and so many more enter our lives for a week and claim their space for ever. One night, i had a long interesting discussion with Otti about what sailing is. He told me „feelings“. The discussion went on and on and days later i was still thinking about it. Feelings… Yes, Otti is right my fellow sailors! Sailing is all about feelings. So i started monitoring the feelings and here is what i came up with.

You crawl in your comfy cabin bed and try to decide if you should stand up or stay there for a bit longer. You here the first pumps running, you pay a bit more attention and the sound of a coffee macchine leaves space for no more doubts. The gung is up and it’s only minutes away that someone will put some lounge music on inviting you to join for a morning swim and then breakfast… Hmmm breakfast! Isn’t that the best meal of the day? Calories do not hold you back as you still have a day ahead to burn them down! Well, maybe that’s an excuse that works only for me yet i like thinking this way 😉 So usually a combination of english and continental breakfast with a touch of greek countryside flavors will fill up the table. The team sits around teasing each other for the usual hangover or maybe what one doesn’t remember from the previous night. Midday is here, the promised breeze arrives and we set sails. Just in time to cool us down from the hot Greek sun. To leave some space for the sailors, i would normally take a fishing line and go to a corner. I never feel alone there as usually one more joins to share the exploring of fishing, one of my latest hobbies. I/we then usually need to stand the teasing of the non exhisting skills but we take it with pride and promise not to share with those who do not support! In between, Peter and the others fight over 0,5 knos to gain taking the mylar sails to their limit as they try to bit their imaginary regatta opponent. The minute they forgot about us the poor fishing people, a beautiful tuna family fish caught the bite! We are too exhited to hold back the screams and we make sure we bring our fishy up fast and make sure it suffers not. Lunch is served by a bay or on the way and we can’t wait to reach our port for the night to ask a taverna owner to prepare our fish and celebrate our skills! With the touch of the sun on our skin and the love of the friendship filling our souls, we head for another beautiful dinner and the usual after drinks. Day after day, night after night we come closer, we open our hearts and this is exactly what sailing is all about my friends. Humanity and human beings! Love ya all!

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