Working hard!

Yacht maintenance is probably the most important thing when it comes to sailing, safety and fun. All these things are absolutely connected and you cannot consider any of them possible without a very careful and high standards yacht maintenance. For us, costs and hard work are consider almost a pleasure when it comes to “My Way” as we know the outmost importance of a proper yacht when your life depends on it in the open water. This is why also our guests enjoy hassle free vacation and why we are so relaxed onboard focusing on the sailing itself rather than worrying over unecessary complications.

There is no better feeling than trusting your boat! To give you a small insight, this season we had her railing removed to replace sika and ensure no water leaks will appear and  her keel off, to check and replace all inox bolts. The later is a job usually done on yachts when a damage or a water at bildges appears but should we wait for that it would be too late. When we sail, we need to trust our baby 100% and the more we take care of her, the more pleasure moments she gives back to us all!

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