Da international, natürlich in English - macht trotzdem Spaß

Mallorca has a name for a reason. Beautiful in every aspect combines the old and the new, infrastructure and nature in a most amazing way. A yachts paradise and a brokers‘ dream. Luck had it that our arrival coincided with the Palma Superyacht Show, so while the boys were inspecting the boat I got to
Do you wonder how many nautical miles that is? Try something over 2.535nm Once the decision was made that we will offer “my way” for charters in Greece for the 2019 summer season, we had to make the wheels spinning. This means that some charter licenses where required, the German to be updated and the

The Canary Islands!

We have spent the whole winter in the Canary Islands. That wasn’t really the plan. Starting the “my way” project we decided to take it one step at a time. Since we were setting sails for the unknown, planning more than six months ahead was really making no sense. So we decided we will sail

To Corse or not to Corse?

          Turns out this is a tough question. We have spent several weeks in these waters with “my way” and we got all sort of feelings. The places visited where Propriano, Tizzano, Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio. Faro and Figari, unfortunately, didn’t fit our itinerary or winds would keep us off at times
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