Your vacation, our expectation

Your vacation should start from the minute you step your foot onboard. So, we just do that! The crew will be waiting for you, eager to welcome you and see you relaxing. After a refreshment and a quick chat, the crew will show you around and brief you up on the most basic and important things. Soon after that, you will be invited to unpack your luggage, put on something comfortable and start feeling like home. The first night will be spent at the meeting point, this will buy everybody the time, to meet, adjust, relax and start planning the trip. The following morning, when everybody is not tired from the trip and more open to information,  will brief you up on safety regulations and the day trip and the hostess will inform you on the daily "routine", so you can know what to expect and plan your day accordingly.

Tip of the crew. Leave everything back, phones, tablets, and worries. Embrace this new life and relax. Join the sailor's attitude and just "adjust your sails". Welcome on board!

Meet the happy crew


Peter Metz
   Peter, her skipper, will introduce you to plain sailing. He started at the age of 4 and soon participated in famous regattas with lots of wins. Having proven himself in his industry as an electronic engineer with a master degree in physics, he left the laboratory and set sails. Today his only wish is to share his passion with people who can appreciate sailing, performance yachts and the sea as much as he does. For Peter, money, and career have been accomplished and now he is eager to see more of the world. He is German yet speaks also fluently English and some French. Peter will sail you only, so you might as well forget fuel costs. The engine will rarely be used! Trust him for an unforgettable sailing trip.
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Eirini Tzima
Deck HAND/Hostess
   Irene, her deck woman, will make sure you get spoiled. She started as a skipper delivering yachts making her assistance on moorings and long distance sailing irresistible to the skippers she has worked with. She finished the University of Education in Greece and the National College for marine engine and pleasure craft maintenances. She is the CEO of Ionian Breeze and worked as a fleet operator and charter broker for over a decade. Her love for life and sailing would take no compromises and offices so she is out there today embracing a new lifestyle and introducing you to it. She speaks fluently Greek, English and Italian.
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