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Sky Sailing radically differs from the usual charter.

We do not do charter, we are sailing with friends!

Sailing is the adventure we share, we learn and enjoy together. The target of our sailing trip is to bond, work as a team, share our love for the sea and discover local gastronomy and treasures. When you come onboard as our guest, you know that you are in good hands from the minute you step foot. 

  • Gone with the wind, lay back and relax


  • Dive into this adventure with us

    Sail and Dive

  • Here, the grass is greener and the sun is warmer

    Sail and Golf

  • Get tips and inspiration from an experienced skipper

    Skipper Training

Life is the journey, not the destination.

This is our motto and way of living. For our guests, this means we will not just sail from one point to the other but we will enjoy every single minute onboard!

The Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean is famous for a reason. Exotic waters, warm sun, and amazing food and rum make this destination irresistible.

Starting from Grenada we will sail trusting the local winds to take us all the way up to Cuba passing the BVI, DOM, Haiti and Puerto Rico on our way.

We plan to remain in the area from December to April and discover all the hidden spots left. Among other things, we will visit local rum distilleries, unfold the different cultures mosaic and discover the islands by boat as diving, hiking, and cycling where available.

For most Europeans a flight to the Caribbean appears too long and expensive, however as we do not need to check-in/out in specific dates or destinations, we can help you find the best flights.

The Mediterranean sea

We sail through some of the most beautiful corners of the Med. Summer breeze, ideal sailing conditions, romantic anchorages and stunning small seaside villages and ports. It is here where the sailing dream comes true.

The itinerary we will follow extends from the stunning Greek waters to exotic Morocco and further! No matter how many times you sailed before, there will always be something new for you to feel and experience on this majestic trip. Our itinerary includes famous and hidden treasures of this all times classic sailors favorite waters.

Talk to us about your dates and let's make a tailored itinerary for you only. For our itinerary, we chose check-in and out spots most of which offer international airports and budget-friendly airlines. You are unique, so should your vacation be!

Tell us when and we will tell you where. Tell us where and we will tell you when.

So, simple!


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