From Calabria to Palermo via the Aeolian islands!

Our waiting in Vibo marina/ Calabria couldn’t be prolonged more so the 4th day we decided to take our chances since the weather seemed a bit uncomfortable but definately promising.
We said goodbye to the lovely family there and set sails. The wind gave us the choice to change plans so instead of Stromboli we sailed to Lipari directly. Yes, the lava in the night could have been something worth to see but safety is rule number one when it comes to sailing and safety was not guaranteed under current weather conditions.
We arrived late in the night at Lipari Marina service where we moored for the night hungry and thirsty. We secured the boat and head directly to the village hoping that someone would still offer some warm food and a cold beer.
The quick stroll provided us with everything plus we got the impression that the next day there would be much to see.
Next day, after we finished paperwork with Piero, the marina manager and had a long and interesting discussion over our businesses, Peter was ready and we head to the village. The museum, as adviced, was definitely worth a visit, so did the whole place. Under the fear of losing the wind, we got back to the boat and set sails for the next destination. 3-4nm South, Vulcano was patiently waiting for us with its therapeutical baths on the North side of the island but the smell put us off and the depths were not promising for our safety should we have stayed in the anchor. We continued sailing South with our blister and although again we didn’t catch a fish we found ourselves anchoring for the night in an amazing, hidden place on N.Sicily. Above us would lie and amazing monastery and next to us was the marine park. The safety, peace, and calmness the place provided gave us another night to remember and a long-lasting smile on our lips.
The next day, we sailed towards Cefalu and stayed in the marina. Franco was quite supportive and helpful and they even had an electric shuttle service which we ended up using alone with our private driver who encouraged from my genuine and loud laugh each time he accelerated, he did it then on purpose and so was our short drive to the old town something hilarious and definitely worth to remember. Cefalu is definitely worth a visit although, as in all touristic places around the globe, I would advise if possible to do so off high season for the obvious reasons!
With provisioning done and local delicacies tested, we were ready to depart the next day for wherever the wind would bring us. And the wind although not much was kind enough to bring us outside a fishing harbor and we spent the night under the anchor with an amazing view on our starboard side to an

old Italian amazing house on a cape and the amazing Tyrrhenian sea ahead of us! On our back, a hotel had an event with amazing live music and while I was improvising for a decent dinner with our leftovers from the provisioning, Peter was doing his best to catch a fish, which, didn’t work but that didn’t take our moral down!
Today some blister sailing with a few knots of wind from behind brought us to Palermo where a smart and enthusiastic Marinero convinced us to use his pontoon for the next three days that we plan to explore Palermo and prepare “my way” for the passage to Cagliari/Sardinia. So far, we can state with confidence that Calabria and Sicily are worth a visit, the local people remind me a lot of my countrymen as they are helpful and fun and the cuisine is just unbeatable! I have been in Palermo before but I can’t wait to explore it further with Peter and as today was invested in yacht cleaning and provisioning, tomorrow is the day to arrange the fun part and take some pictures!
Stay tuned, we love you!
Eirini & Peter

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