Lanzarote to Greece, more than a yacht transfer – Part II

Mallorca has a name for a reason. Beautiful in every aspect combines the old and the new, infrastructure and nature in a most amazing way. A yachts paradise and a brokers’ dream. Luck had it that our arrival coincided with the Palma Superyacht Show, so while the boys were inspecting the boat I got to survey some amazing charter boats and talk on alternative sailing ideas with some great partners. After all that was over, we started discovering secluded anchorages or villages of the island, checking fleets of fleet operators I work within every destination we were passing by and naturally enjoying the indisputable beauty of the Med. Mahon had yet again one surprise for us and luck had it that a high-performance carbon sailing yachts race was to take place and yes, we would get to enjoy watching the preparations, mingling with the crews and on while leaving Menorca doing our best to stay off their way but man are these babes fast!

Peillon village, Alpes- Maritimes, Cote D’Azur

After a beautiful and smooth sail, we entered French waters and I was proudly introduced from Peter to his beloved Cote d’Azur. On the days to come we enjoyed land and sea amazing areas such as Ile de Port – Cros, Porquerolles, Cavaliere, St.Tropez, Cogolin and Grimaud (one of my favorites, rather unique), Saint Raphael, Ile Saint Honorat and Villefranche Sur Mer. Peter had to fly urgently to Germany for a few days so

I enjoyed the awesome railway system of the area and visited Cannes, Antibes, Nice and when I was fed up with the sea and massive amazing buildings I escaped to Peillon, a medieval village on the Alpes hidden in pine trees and remarkably quiet.

Once Peter was back we sailed to Menton, Baulieu and visited Monaco and Eze village. Eze village is another medieval year’s village with a beautiful cactus garden on the top of a mountain with a great view of the Med. We took the bus up and hiked the way down. We left French Riviera with a knowing feeling that we should come back to explore more and set sails for San Stefano al Mare, Italian waters to wait for the right weather to make our next passage to Elba. Elba gave us a nice two days off with a great night of unplanned live music and the weather favored our sail to Ostia, Rome. After three days exploring Ostia and Rome, we sailed down to Ponza where we were rushed in the port cause they thought we have a mechanical failure. Surprised from their

speed and care we got the picture when we spoke about it and realized another “my way” had called and informed that they are coming in and they need support. It was actually the boat behind us. From Ponza, we continued sailing south with great winds and stopped in Stromboli for a night good rest before heading to Messina straits. Stromboli was roaring often and we found out that shortly after our departure it actually erupted! Our last stop in Italian waters was meant to be in Marina di Porto Bolaro where we were treated like royalty.

The owners were having a press conference to present the investors on the next business plans for the area and we were invited upon reservation to arrive the earliest possible to enjoy the dinner and drinks offered on the house. We have spent a night to remember with some of the most warm-hearted Italians, talked about our common history (South Italy, regions of Reggio Calabria to Otranto and Sicily where colonies of the ancient Greeks from 11AC so we are closer than most guess), our current political and financial situation of our countries and what can be done to undo all the harm to our people and of course, fashion and marketing as Versace is part of the family of an amazing Professor and journalist who honored us with his companionship and care.

Reluctant to leave all that fun and joy yet happy to get back to Greece, meet family and friends and sail our exquisite guests to some of the best sailing areas of the world, we set sails for our last and final passage of this trip to the known and always a pleasure to be in, Ionian Sea waters.

What’s next?

We have sailed extensively some of the best sailing routes of Greece and we will talk about it so whether you are into a bareboat or skippered charter, just call me and we will find the best destination and yacht for your sailing vacation! If you want to sail with me and Peter, “my way” will sail the Ionian until the end of May and why not June as well. Our reservations will form our agenda, staying flexible to welcome you all!

Don’t forget: Check-in and out any day of the week, ten days charters available and make no plans! Better yet?

Tell us when and we will tell you where 😉

See you onboard!

Eirini & Peter

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