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The Canary Islands!

We have spent the whole winter in the Canary Islands. That wasn’t really the plan. Starting the “my way” project we decided to take it one step at a time. Since we were setting sails for the unknown, planning more than six months ahead was really making no sense. So we decided we will sail
     Leaving Gibraltar, we definitely were looking forward to sailing down the Morocco coastline. Unfortunately, we had no time to go up the mountain and check the monkeys. My backpack brand claims to be hard for pickpockets to open it and the monkeys have a skill as they say to steal from tourists backpacks

From Sardinia to Gibraltar!

It has been long since I last wrote a blog about what followed after we left Sardinia. Time flew, so many great things have happened and so many sea miles were covered that left hardly any time for me to retreat somewhere and tell you all about it! It has been busy and yet wonderful

To Corse or not to Corse?

          Turns out this is a tough question. We have spent several weeks in these waters with “my way” and we got all sort of feelings. The places visited where Propriano, Tizzano, Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio. Faro and Figari, unfortunately, didn’t fit our itinerary or winds would keep us off at times
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