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From Sardinia to Gibraltar!

It has been long since I last wrote a blog about what followed after we left Sardinia. Time flew, so many great things have happened and so many sea miles were covered that left hardly any time for me to retreat somewhere and tell you all about it! It has been busy and yet wonderful

To Corse or not to Corse?

          Turns out this is a tough question. We have spent several weeks in these waters with “my way” and we got all sort of feelings. The places visited where Propriano, Tizzano, Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio. Faro and Figari, unfortunately, didn’t fit our itinerary or winds would keep us off at times
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        Leaving Sicily behind was hard. Such an amazing island, warm people, and rich cuisine are hard to find in one place. After Palermo, we sailed to Capo San Vito the NW cape that made an awesome starting point for the passage to Sardinia. Capo San Vito itself was maybe the best
Strolling around the roads of this amazing and so contradictory city, you cannot help thinking it’s past! Palermo is 2.700 years old with a long history of trade, battles, and success. The city was founded in 734 BC by the Phoenicians as Ziz(‘flower’). The Greeks named the city Panormus meaning ‘complete port’. From 831 to 1072 the city was under Arab