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Our waiting in Vibo marina/ Calabria couldn’t be prolonged more so the 4th day we decided to take our chances since the weather seemed a bit uncomfortable but definately promising. We said goodbye to the lovely family there and set sails. The wind gave us the choice to change plans so instead of Stromboli we

And so it begins!

The last days in Greece were something between emotional, stressful and tiring. Emotional as we had to say goodbye to our families, stressful as spare parts needed to arrive in time and tiring cause weather was quietly unstable forcing us to prolong our stays in ports which usually makes all sailors patientless. The blessed morning

Working hard!

Yacht maintenance is probably the most important thing when it comes to sailing, safety and fun. All these things are absolutely connected and you cannot consider any of them possible without a very careful and high standards yacht maintenance. For us, costs and hard work are consider almost a pleasure when it comes to "My Way" as we know the outmost importance of a proper yacht when your life depends on it in the open water. This is why also our guests enjoy hassle free vacation and why we are so relaxed on-board focusing on the sailing itself rather than worrying over unnecessary complications.

The Gods favor us!

It was on the very first day our new guests arrived, i had this feeling something cool is gonna happen. A breeze of smiles and hapiness surrounded us from the first welcome hug and soon we became a team. One needs to work years in this field and experience lots of negativity to understand how important it is for your soul to meet nice normal people. Tommy, Otti, Kristine, Vasilis, Joe, Silke, Alex, Olivier, Nicole, Johan (can't name you all!)  and so many more enter our lives for a week and claim their space for ever. One night, i had a long interesting discussion with Otti about what sailing is. He told me "feelings". The discussion went on and on and days later i was still thinking about it. Feelings... Yes, Otti is right my fellow sailors! Sailing is all about feelings. So i started monitoring the feelings and here is what i came up with.