We plainly sail. The wind plans our itinerary and we tend to combine sportive sailing with dream destinations. Rumours say that the phrase "Champagne sailing", was invented on board "My Way”! Last but not least, a day of no wind, would never be considered a lost day with us. We gladly enhance your experience by helping you discover and organise additional activities i.e. discovering the inland, shopping or spoiling yourself with a massage.

Sail and dive

For those who love discovering the underwater world as much as the above water, this is your chance. While we all enjoy watching seals or the dolphins competing our bow, there is definitely much more under to discover as well. Caves, ship wrecks and extraordinary colours and life await for you. We will make sure to inform you which diving centres are on our way and if you miss the bubbles, here is your chance.

Sail and golf

Under the sun of our chosen sailing way this year all colours are stronger. So is the green. If golf is your thing then why not play some in between your sailing days? We will secure the boat and help you organise your transfer to the nearest Golf centre. Who says sailing needs to be just blue?

Skipper training

So you have your own skipper license but it feels like it was ages ago last time you sailed? Getting full responsibility of a yacht and your crew seems a bit too stressful? We hear you! No one needs to stress during vacation and becoming a confident skipper requires not only a license or miles in general, often it has to do with who you get to sail with. We all learn each and every time we are out in the blue or with other skippers. There is no shame in asking for some skills refreshing and Peter is definitely the person you can trust. Not only he will fully support you and help you feel more confident but he will make sure this remains vacation feeling for you, so you train during the day and still get to have fun if wished to do so! The yacht is maintained and equipped in such an excellent way that you will always feel safe and covered.